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Asper Centre students

Immigration Detention Symposium: Habeas Corpus Panel Highlights

  by Mashoka Maimona and Renuka Koilpillai The “Habeas Corpus Best Practices” panel was one of the highlights of the Asper Centre’s Immigration Detention Symposium, held on March 15, 2019. The panellists were immigration and refugee lawyers Subodh Bharati, Jared Will, and Swathi Sekhar. The lively panel was moderated by the Refugee Law Office’s Simon … Read More

Immigration Detention Symposium: Panel 1 – Responding to the IRB’s External Audit

  by Olivia Martin and Adrian Ling The first session of the Asper Center’s Immigration Detention Symposium, held on March 15, 2019 at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, featured a panel discussing the 2018 Immigration and Refugee Board’s (IRB) External Audit report on Immigration Detention. Kathy Laird, a Toronto lawyer and author of … Read More

Asper Centre students call for Canada to suspend STCA on Refugee Rights Day

via @UTLaw: Thursday, April 4, 2019 By Karen Chen and Mackenzie Claggett Canada presents itself to the world as a place where “those fleeing persecution, terror and war” are welcome. It is a reputation that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau touted on Twitter following the decision in the U.S. to institute a travel ban against … Read More

Choose Your Battleground: Recapping the Beaver v Hill Panel Discussion

  by Hannah Goddard-Rebstein and Arjun Gandhi On Thursday, March 21st, the Asper Centre held a panel on Indigenous rights and family law, using the case of Beaver v Hill as a focal point for the discussion. The panel was convened by the Asper Centre’s Indigenous Rights student working group.  Professor Carol Rogerson moderated the … Read More

Recapping YY Chen’s Constitutional Roundtable on Citizenship and the Charter

by Michelle Huang and Jeffrey Wang On Thursday, February 28, the Asper Centre hosted Professor Y. Y. Brandon Chen for a Constitutional Roundtable titled “Toward a Substantive Understanding of Citizenship in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms”. Chen is a lawyer and social worker by training, and is completing his SJD at UTLaw. He … Read More