Asper Centre in the News


CBC: Cheryl Milne comments on the administrative law effects of the Supreme Court’s Trinity Western University decision.

CBC: Cheryl Milne comments on Ford’s use of the Notwithstanding Clause.


The Lawyer’s Daily: Breese Davies, the Asper Centre’s constitutional litigator in residence, comments on prison reform.

Globe and Mail: John Norris, our outside Counsel representing the Asper Centre in our intervention in the Badesha extradition matter commented on the Supreme Court’s decision in the case.

CBC Radio: Cheryl Milne was interviewed on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning about the 35th Anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms., April 20, 2017

The Lawyer’s Daily: Cheryl Milne and WeirFoulds LLP’s Raj Anand, the Asper Centre’s constitutional litigator in residence, are featured in this article on the Jessica Ernst v. Alberta Energy Regulator case being heard at the Supreme Court of Canada.


CityNews: Cheryl Milne on the tangible limits the Supreme Court of Canada may set on trial delays., September 21, 2016


Globe and Mail: Prof. Kent Roach and Craig Forcese (University of Ottawa) analyze the new law that enables Canada to revoke the citizenship of dual citizens convicted of terrorism offences (“Banishment is a poor tool in fight against terrorism”, September 29, 2015

Globe and Mail: Cheryl Milne is asked for comment on the controversial police practice of carding in light of a law student’s challenge against the practice’s constitutionality.

The Lawyer’s Daily: Cheryl Milne is asked for comment on the ruling in R v Kokopenace, which held that jury representativeness does not require the government to remedy the lack of first nations on-reserve residents on juries.

Legal Feeds: Cheryl Milne comments on the R v Kokopenance ruling and the ramifications it has for First Nations jury representativeness.

National Post: Cheryl Milne is asked for comment on the Ontario Government’s proposal to create an administrative monetary penalty system to handle Highway Traffic Act infractions.

News Talk 980 CKNW : Cheryl Milne is asked for comment on the Supreme Court of Canada decision to give Ivan Henry, a wrongfully convicted BC man, the right to sue.

Global News: Cheryl Milne is asked for comment on whether an Indiana-style freedom of religion law could pass in Canada


Globe and Mail: Cheryl Milne analyzes the Alberta Court of Appeal decision that Omar Khadr should serve his sentence as a young offender rather than an adult (“One small step toward justice for Omar Khadr,” July 9, 2014).

Toronto Star: Cheryl Milne is asked for comment on the recent decision in Hamilton Health Sciences v D.H. which allowed an first nations mother to withdraw her child from chemotherapy in favour of traditional medicine.


The New York Times: Cheryl Milne on the implications of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in Canada v Bedford.

The Law Times: Report on the Asper Centre’s 2013-2013 Constitutional Litigator in Residence, John Norris.

Torontoist: An article concerning the panel discussion presented by the David Asper Centre at the University of Toronto which reflected on the SCC decision in R v. Morgentaler from 25 years ago, whereby Canada’s abortion law was struck down using the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


The Walrus: Joseph Arvay, the Asper Centre’s Constitutional Litigator in Residence is profiled in the October 2012 magazine.

Globe and Mail: Editorial condemning Minister Jason Kenney’s refugee health cuts quotes Prof. Audrey Macklin: “Regular, preventive health care is cheaper and more effective than emergency treatment.”

Maclean’s: Advisory Group Chair Kent Roach and Professor Audrey Macklin quoted in “Harper v. The Judges,” about the courts as government opposition, by UofT Law Student Andrew Stobo Sniderman.

The Law Times: Asper Centre summer law student on why forcing judges to judge old law erodes democracy. The Law Times article is an edited version of this text (which includes sources).

Toronto Star: Professor Audrey Macklin on the government’s failure to fulfill its promise to accept Omar Khadr’s transfer to a Canadian prison.

CBC Radio: Professor Audrey Macklin interviewed on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning about Bill C-31, the omnibus immigration bill.

Legal Post: U of T Law students Denise Cooney, Jeremy Nemers, Hayley Peglar and Michael Sabet win the Wilson Moot.


Vancouver Sun: Executive Director Cheryl Milne’s submissions in the Polygamy Reference case.

Vancouver Sun: Coverage of closing arguments in the Polygamy Reference case, including those of Executive Director Cheryl Milne.

Toronto Star: Constitutional Conventions workshop hosted by the Asper Centre is referenced in an article about a potential coalition government in Canada.


The Canadian Press (as reported on Brent Olthuis, pro bono counsel for the Asper Centre and the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children quoted on our opening statement to the court in the Polgamy Reference case.

Globe and Mail: Professor Sujit Choudhry awarded a $225,000.00 Trudeau Foundation Fellowship for his work on post-conflict constitutional law.

CTV News: Professor Audrey Macklin comments on the military commission proceedings on the Omar Khadr case.

Globe and Mail: Faculty members on the Asper Centre Advisory weigh in on the government’s announcement that they will not seek Omar Khadr’s return.

Globe and Mail: Professor Audrey Macklin, IHRP Acting director Diana Juricevic, and Asper Centre Executive Director Cheryl Milne comment on the Khadr decision.

Globe and Mail: Chair of the Asper Centre Advisory Group, Professor Sujit Choudhry comments on the Khadr decision.

La Presse: Executive Director Cheryl Milne comments on the Khadr decision.


CTV News: Executive Director Cheryl Milne comments on the arguments in the Supreme Court of Canada in Prime Minister of Canada v. Omar Khadr.

The Toronto Star: Executive Director Cheryl Milne comments on the Asper Centre’s brief on the practice of conducting background checks of potential jurors in criminal trials.

CBC’s The Current: Executive Director Cheryl Milne spoke on Friday May 22, 2009 about the principle of the best interests of the child in relation to parental freedoms and liberty rights in a child protection case in Winnipeg. Listen to the podcast of the segment.

The Toronto Star: Executive Director Cheryl Milne comments on R. v. D.B. and Advisory Group Member Prof. Kent Roach comments on Charkaoui case in The Star article on Osgoode Charter Conference.

2008 International News: Q&A: Inside Canada’s Unprecedented Suspension of Parliament, interview with Advisory Group Member, Prof. Lorraine Weinrib.

The National Post: Op Ed by Professors Lorne Sossin and Lorraine Weinrib on Canada’s constitutional crisis.

Financial Post: Executive Director, Cheryl Milne is featured in an article on the opening of the Centre.