The Achampong court challenge: read the legal arguments here


On September 10, 2018 Superior Court Justice Edward Belobaba ruled that Premier Doug Ford’s Bill 5 – the so-called Better Local Government Act – to reduce Toronto’s city council from 47 wards to 25, breached s. 2(b) of the Charter and was therefore unconstitutional. Shortly thereafter Premier Ford announced that not only was his government going to appeal the court’s decision, but he was going to invoke the Constitution’s “notwithstanding clause” for the first time in Ontario’s history to override the judge’s decision. The revised Bill has been introduced in the legislature with debates lasting into the late night; while a stay application, pending the appeal of the court decision, has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 18th. 

The David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights is carefully observing the events as they unfold and is pleased to be convening a moderated panel discussion on Thursday Sept 20th at 4:30-6:00pm at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law (J250 Jackman Law Building, 78 Queens Park) in order to unpack the various legal issues involved in this unprecedented case.

Panel members will include two of our faculty’s Constitutional Law Professors Lorraine Weinrib and Yasmin Dawood, and litigator Steven Barrett of Goldblatt Partners LLP.

View the EVENT POSTER here.

The Asper Centre has collected the relevant court papers in the case and is pleased to share them here:

Achampong – Factum

ACHAMPONG decision Superior Court Sept 10 2018

City of Toronto – Factum (Stay Motion) (Motion File No M49615)

City of Toronto Factum CTF Factum

Factum – Stay pending appeal FINAL (for service and filing) v 2

Factum of the Intervenors, Hollett et al.

Factum of the Proposed Intervener returnable September 18, 2018

Factum of the Responding Parties, Chris Moise et al. (01193002)

Factum_Achampong_Stay C65861 M49615

Hollett – Factum (stay)

Moise – Factum

Moise – Reply Factum of the Applicants (01187040)

Supplementary Factum FINAL