Vancouver (City) v. Ward

2010 SCC 27

SCC Reasons for Judgment

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Date Document
2009/10/19 Appellant – City of Vancouver
2009/10/19 Appellant – Her Majesty the Queen
2009/12/14 Respondent- Alan Cameron Ward
2009/12/23 Intervener- Attorney General of Canada, Part I, Part II
2009/12/23 Intervener- Attorney General of Quebec
2009/12/31 Intervener- Attorney General of Ontario
2010/01/04 Intervener- Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto Inc.
2010/01/04 Intervener- Association in Defence of the Wrongly convicted
2010/01/04 Intervener- Canadian Civil Liberties Association
2010/01/04 Intervener – Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
2010/01/04 Intervener – Criminal Lawyer’s Association (Ontario)
2010/01/04 Intervener- British Columbia Civil Liberties Association and David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights