Public Interest Litigation in Canada Edited by Cheryl Mile and Kent Roach, Lexis Nexis, 2019. This text presents an overview of theories and strategies for public interest litigation, and the various avenues and methodologies that have been used in Canadian history. Plus, case comments and studies are included. The book includes most of the papers and case comments from the Asper Centre’s 2018 Public Interest Litigation Conference.

Regulating Creation: The Law, Ethics, and Policy of Assisted Human Reproduction Edited by Trudo Lemmens, Andrew Flavelle Martin, Cheryl Milne, and Ian B. Lee, University of Toronto Press, 2017.  This book offers a variety of perspectives on the role of law in dealing with the legal, ethical, and policy issues surrounding changing  g reproductive technologies.

Parliamentary Democracy in Crisis: A timely response to Canada’s parliamentary crisis of November 2008 and inspired by our December 5, 2008 Prorogation Panel Discussion. Edited by Peter Russell & Lorne Sossin.  Book Flyer

Adjusting to a New Era of Parliamentary Government: Report of a Workshop on Constitutional Conventions. Authors: Peter Russell and Cheryl Milne.