Asper Centre Executive Director Cheryl Milne awarded 2019 Law Society Medal

The Asper Centre’s Executive Director Cheryl Milne is among the 2019 recipients of the Law Society of Ontario Medal, which recognizes and lauds “exceptional career achievements and contributions to their communities.”

Cheryl Milne’s citation says she “has had a profound and unique influence on the Canadian legal landscape as a child rights advocate. She is a leading constitutional and Charter rights litigator, an innovative experiential legal educator, and a generous legal community volunteer. She provided front-line legal services to children and teenagers across a wide range of legal needs for many years and now leads constitutional advocacy in an academic centre she helped to create.”

The Asper Centre’s former Constitutional-Litigator-In-Residence, Susan Ursel and the Faculty of Law’s Professor Carol Rogerson are also medal recipients.

The award ceremony will take place on May 22 2019.

Read UTLaw announcement here and the LSO Gazette Making Lasting Contributions article about Cheryl Milne here.